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With a background of experience and education in real estate, business insurance and accounting, the owner, Krystal Smith, has spent the last few decades in multiple roles, which has helped her prepare to educate and help both people and business owners make the most of and protect every dollar they have.  Most of those years were spent as an entrepreneur so she has a good understanding of the needs of small business.  Krystal currently has a real estate license, and insurance license.


We offer a wide range of services to our clients.  This covers both personal and business needs.  Do you need life insurance for your family or for key people in your business? Do you need health insurance plans for your employees or for your family?  What about RRSP's to reduce the amount of taxes you pay or to save for retirement?  Do you have life insurance on your mortgage?  Did you know that if you purchased it through the bank then you may not be covered should something happen because it is underwritten after death?  It is important to understand how mortgage insurance works and that you can get a life insurance policy for a reasonable price that isn't through the bank and that is fully underwritten up front.  We would be happy to explain how insurance works and we pride ourselves in educating people so you are making an informed decision.

We also take a holistic approach to financial planning.  We can look at your finances and show you how you can save money to invest.  We don't want to take money from your pocket or you wouldn't want to call us.  Let us look at how we can free the money up from taxes or bills, then we can get you on the right track for a bright financial future!


We believe that everyone should have the knowledge to make the best decisions for their own futures.  No one knows what's most important for you better than you!  So we strive to educate people and business while doing what we love to do: reducing taxes, providing secure futures and protecting loved ones!

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