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With a background of experience and education in both business and accounting, Krystal has spent the last 18 years in multiple roles which has helped her to educate and help many small business owners grow and become more profitable.  Most of those years were also spent as an entrepreneur herself.  Krystal currently has a real estate license, insurance license and is a Platinum Pro-Advisor with Quickbooks Online.


We offer a wide range of services to our clients.  This covers both personal and business needs.  Do you need life insurance for your family or for your business key people? Do you need health insurance plans for your employees?  What about RRSP's to reduce the amount of taxes you pay?Do you just need someone to set your business up on Quickbooks Online and/or give you great pricing on the program?  We can do that too and we also advise and train if you have any questions or concerns! 

We also take a holistic approach to financial planning.  We can look at your finances and show you how you can save money to invest.  We don't want to take money from your pocket or you wouldn't want to call us.  Let us look at how we can free the money up from taxes or bills, then we can get you on the right track for a bright financial future!


"Dream Big and Focus on Success".  That's our vision.  That's what we see for our clients.   Sometimes as small business owners we are so busy with the paperwork behind the scenes, that we are not focusing on the activities that increase our revenues.  Through the years we have realized that to be successful, some work should be delegated to the respective experts in those fields.  Sometimes spending money will end up saving you money! 


Most important of all, we believe that everyone should understand what is happening with their money.  By educating our clients, we are giving them a hand in their futures.  The more people understand how the process works, the more excited they are and the more successful they tend to be.  Having a full understanding is where everything starts.  Age doesn't matter.  It's never too late!  It's also never too early, so we would be happy to sit down and educate children and teens so they have a foundation by the time they start building their futures.

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