Entrepreneurship: Jack of All Trades?

Am I the only one that feels confused some days? It seems like every day I wake up and there is something new to learn. There is a new app or there is a change to one of the social media platforms that I feel I just got a handle on. I have to learn website SEO. How do I get to the top of Google without mastering that? I used to think I was tech savvy but lately I feel like my 3 year old has a better handle on technology!

So, where do you start? How much time should we be spending on social media, paperwork, technology, etc, when we have a business to run. If I spend 8 hours online then is that more important than meeting people face to face. To tell you the truth, I don't know the answer to that question. I can give you my opinion and you can take it or leave it!

Starting out in business, it was very important to me to do everything myself. I didn't want to spend a dollar when I knew I could educate myself in the multiple areas that I would need to learn in order to run a successful business. Anyone that knows me knows how frugal I am, and that is putting it politely! Well, saying that, I quickly learned that by doing everything myself, I was completely exhausted and that was before I actually made any money! Seriously, entrepreneurship is hard work.

Someone once told me to concentrate on what I could do to make the most income and leave the other things to the experts. Marketing, social media, website SEO, accounting, sales, administration...I could go on and on. We can not be experts in all of these areas and we certainly don't have the time to spend learning and completing all these tasks on a daily basis. I'm stressed even talking about it!

If I spend a solid 8 hours a day doing what I am best at then I am going to gain the most and be the most successful that I can be. My time is worth money and if I pay the expert to do what I am not the expert at, then the money is well spent and they can certainly do the job in far less time than I can.

Once I learned that I couldn't do it all myself, I realized that all of us entrepreneurs are in the same position. How many times have I been asked if I know someone that does social media, or someone who does photography or videography, or someone who builds websites, or a graphic designer? More times then I can count and that is just a short list. I have a feeling that you have been asked those very same things.

I decided to keep a database of business contacts that I have met at different networking events and other places. Let me tell you why! There are a couple reasons. First, I am asked countless times for referrals from my clients for professional services and by offering someone that I trust as a professional, I am building a long lasting relationship with my client and that will lead to repeat business. Secondly, I am building a relationship with other entrepreneurs and if we are all referring to each other then that is a win-win in my books.

So I guess I just answered my own question. Should I learn it all or should I hire it out? I'd rather spend more time at what I'm good at and less time struggling to be good at everything....

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